National Jigsaw Day sees nationwide launch of Piece Together puzzle clubs

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles is offering support for the foundation of new jigsaw clubs with the Piece Together puzzle club initiative, in celebration of National Jigsaw Day (Friday November 3rd).

Wentworth hopes to spread the concept of the puzzle club throughout the UK by offering a free puzzle to the first 50 official Piece Together Puzzle clubs set up in the UK.

The initiative was inspired by current minister for puzzles, Sue Riches, who set up a club in Banbury that regularly sees around 50 members congregate to chat and complete jigsaws, in an effort to combat social isolation.

Alongside the free jigsaw, Wentworth is also offering advice and promotional materials to help organisers get their clubs off the ground. Sue will be continuing to work with Wentworth in an advisory capacity, offering tips on how to start a club, and why puzzle clubs are important.

“You need a love of jigsaw puzzles yourself, plus the time, energy and commitment to promote and manage a group," explained Riches.

"If you enjoy puzzles then you are likely to be able to recommend great puzzles to different types of people. You also need a desire to build a community by providing the location and talking points for group discussions.”

National Jigsaw Day also marks the start of Wentworth recruiting a new Minister for Jigsaws. The new Minister will be responsible for testing out Wentworth’s new puzzles and promoting the benefits that completing a jigsaw has. 

To apply to be the new Minister, applicants simply need to share why they think they are well suited for the role in 100 words or less in an email to

This National Jigsaw Day is the third to take place and 2017 has seen the popularity of jigsaws growing, with the peaceful pastime even gaining recognition in the form of inclusion in the Consumer Price Index for the first time.

“I have been amazed by the growing number of people who do jigsaws and the number of puzzles that get donated to the club — people love to contribute," added Sue Riches. "We’ve seen people coming along who may not usually join gatherings — including men on their own who wouldn’t go to a coffee morning, for instance, come along as there is a purpose to the gathering.”

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