Jamie Raven casts a spell over Harrods

Magician Jamie Raven is to appear at Harrods this weekend to demo his new line of magic sets with Paul Lamond. 

The appearance, which was organised by licensing agency Caroline Mickler Ltd., will be part of Harrods Halloween Extravaganza which will see the magician make a number of appearances across the two days from 12:30 onwards at Harrods Toy Kingdom.

The range, which was launched in March this year, consists of four innovative magic sets – Card Magic, Sleight of Hand, Street Magic and Magic of the Mind – all of which help budding magicians to advance their skills even further.

The Harrods Halloween Extravaganza October will take place at Harrods Childrenswear and Toys Departments.

”Jamie’s combination of charm and genuinely astonishing magic tricks is a winner everywhere he appears, which is why he has quickly enjoyed success in licensing as well as performing," commented Caroline Mickler.

"I’m sure that both children and parents attending the Harrods Halloween Extravaganza will be delighted and amazed by his skills.”

Magic products lead a licensing campaign built by Caroline Mickler Limited on strong consumer awareness of the most successful magic act ever to appear on Britain’s Got Talent. Publishing, gifts and apparel are being targeted for future launches.

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