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Emily Tube’s and Jakks video hits three million views

Viral Talent has partnered with Jakks to launch new Disney brand via kid influencer Emily Tube. The video has proved a success, having racked up over three million views in two weeks.

At 3.9 million subscribers, Emily’s channel is ranked 3rd on Social Blade out of Top UK 100 YouTube channels. 

The YouTube video entitled, “Transform Emily into a Princess-Disney Princess Range Dolls” is the third best performing video on Emily’s channel, receiving 28k views a day. Viral Talent worked with Emily’s family to create a concept for the video that suited the demographic of her channel.

The video content helped to announce the new Disney brand at Jakks, with Emily featuring items including the Disney Princess Travel Tote Bag and Disney Princess Gourmet Kitchen, as well as build momentum for the launch of the products and increase brand awareness for all Jakks Disney items. 

"It is really exciting to see the level of reach that Emily has had working with Jakks in such a short space of time," commented Laura Edwards, MD at Viral Talent. "It was a great opportunity for Viral Talent to work with Emily and Jakks to create a relevant concept to work upon the success of the toy line and wide-reaching marketing to ultimately drive sales and brand engagement.” 

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