Sensible Object details new voice-augmented board game that Amazon’s Alexa plays along with you

Tech start-up Sensible Object has detailed a new collection of voice-augmented board games that tap into the Amazon Alexa technology.

The first in the line of games dubbed Voice Originals is titled When in Rome, in which Amazon’s Alexa will play host of the experience, acting as a guide for the board game throughout play.

The game is the latest iteration of bringing augmented technology to board games and follows the success Sensible Objects popular Beasts of Balance title.

When in Rome serves up trivia questions from locals in 20 cities around the world.

“Alexa is the host of the experience,” said Alex Fleetwood, CEO of Sensible Object.

“She keeps track of the score, she keeps track of the state of the game, she’s also the conduit for all of these interactions. So let’s say you fly to Tokyo. Alexa flies you to Tokyo, you move your physical game piece, and then you have an interaction with local from Tokyo when you’re in that space.”

To keep trivia questions fresh and take advantage of a cloud-based gaming experience with Alexa, in the future When in Rome will ask users to share their own trivia questions.

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