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Hy-Pro and Zinc named number one in latest NPD data

Hy-Pro has been named the number one manufacturer in the skates/skateboards and scooters category, accounting for nearly 20 per cent of the market, according to NPD.

The firm’s hit Zinc brand has seen concurrent success, having been named the number one brand in the category.

The announcement arrives as Hy-Pro details a bold move in a new direction with the introduction of a range of hoverboards featuring CHIC technology, allowing users to reach speeds of 7.5 mph while traveling a distance of 20km in one charge of the battery.

“We are thrilled,” said Simon Pickavance, Hy-Pro’s commercial director when speaking of the firm’s recent achievements.

“It is a huge achievement to not only see Zinc become the number one scooter brand, but see Hy-Pro international as the number one manufacturer. The most amazing part of this is that we have achieved this without our new Smart Range, which features our new hoverboards. Who knows where 2018 could take us.”

To support its new launches, Hy-Pro has detailed extensive plans for video content to showcase the Smart A and Smart X. VOD and YouTube campaigns beginning in October will broadcast on mainstream channels to reach families across the UK.

“It’s of the upmost importance to us that Zinc remains a brand that young people can grow up with,” continued Pickavance.

“We still want to create products that children can progress with – it helps to grow a child’s confidence and these outdoor toys are still a prevailing staple of childhood.

“We have seen growth even in the trying times because customers are still confident in our products.” 

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