Toys R Us unveils ‘Today We Play’ rebrand

Toys R Us has unvieled a rebranding of its core values, with the new ‘Today We Play’ programme.

The new initiative sees the toy retail chain place the focus on allowing kids to be free to play as they see fit, without the constraints of schedules and structure.

When is the last time you tossed a few toys in the yard and told the kids to be home before the street lights come on? Between school, homework, sports, activities, play dates, detention (oh, just my kids?) – these days, children’s schedules are packed more than our own," reads a statement from the firm.

"So, what’s the solution? Leave them kids alone. ‘Play’ is under attack! It’s more structured and less fun than ever before. Recess is cancelled, games are now called “learning activities,” playdates are scheduled, and sports are over-competitive."

In reaction to this, the firm is rolling out Play Labs at 4 Toys R Us stores across the US, where kids and their parents can playtest the latest toys. The firm will also be hiring ‘seasonal toy demonstrators’, who will help customers engage with products before they buy.

These efforts are part of a series of activities across the pond, that aim to reestablish the brand in the minds of customers. The firm has also teamed up with Nickelodeon for Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play on Saturday, September 30th. 

The announcement of this new initiative was accompanied by a new television commercial from Night at the Museum and Stranger Things director, Shawn Levy. You can view the video below.–64FxJnGA

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