Now Epoch backs Toy R Us amid retailer’s financial woes

Toymakers MGA Entertainment, Spin Master and Epoch have backed Toys R Us amid its financial concerns, saying they are confident the retailer will survive with their support.

The global toy firms have stated that they will continue to supply the retailer, believing that Chapter 11 is not ‘game over’ for it.

“We think the company can turn around and grow again with fresh money,” said Michihiro Maeda, chief executive of Epoch.

Epoch is now working closely with Toys R Us having recently revealed that the business is on track to make $380 million this year, following the growth of its Sylvanian Families line by 150 per cent over the past five years.

In what looks to be a good year of trading for Epoch, the firm has also revealed that it is now focused on improving efficiency at its Chinese factories.

The Japanese boss told the Telegraph that despite the growing trend for digital toys, Epoch was enjoying a boost from a new generation of children whose parents played with the miniature woodland creatures, stressing that there was still demand for traditional toys.

Could that demand be enough to rescue Toy R Us from its current financial woes? With the backing of the likes of MGA’s and Spin Master, as well as Mattel and Hasbro, the world’s leading toy makers certainly believe so.

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