Simba Smoby takes top position in R/C market

Simba Smoby is heading up the R/C category thanks to sell-out success of its Cars 3 range, according to NPD market data.

NPD Group has billed the firm as the number one manufacturer in the sector, with Simba now claiming nine per cent of the market for R/C toys.

The 1:24 scale Turbo Racer McQueen is the hero of the Cars 3 line, having become the number 39 best-selling item for August, the third bestselling toy line for the Cars 3 license and also the number one item YTD in the R/C toys category.

“With Cars 3 as the number one property in August 2017 and our 1:24 Turbo Racer McQueen becoming the third bestselling item for the license, our rise within the R/C category is looking stronger than ever,” said Mayur Pattni, head of licensing and marketing at Simba Smoby.

“We will continue to support the range with 360 marketing campaigns to further help cement our position at number one.”

Meanwhile, the company’s 1:32 scale R/C McQueen also came out as the second top item within the category YTD.

Richard Belford, sales director at Simba, added: “Despite the devastating fire in our warehouses last month, we have continued to work extremely closely with our retail partners to achieve growth across the business.

“We’re delighted to see from recent NPD data that the business has managed to strengthen against the odds drawing ever closer to our target of being a top 10 UK supplier currently coming in at number 12.”

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