New fidget toy Oqus aims to take the trend to the next level

Michael Schumacher, a UC Boulder student and independent toy designer, has revealed the concept for a new configurable fidget toy, designed to help students concentrate during classes.

The Oqus is a fidget ring that is customisable with 12 different inserts and six rollers. The patent pending design is still in its pre-release stages, having gone from concept to working prototype in just 14 months.

"I started Laughable Toys, Oqus’ parent company, with the goal of sharing Oqus with the world. Over the last 14 months I have brought Oqus from a concept to a trademarked, patent-pending product, and now I’m raising funds for manufacturing on Kickstarter," said founder Michael Schumacher. "I got off to a great start but really need help to bring the idea to market."

Schumacher has encouraged configuration and customisation so that users can share their creations with each other.

"We’re all about giving our community members a voice in what we release next, which will always keep Oqus interesting and evolving. It’ll never get old," Schumacher added.

The product is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, with ten days left to raise a goal of $50,000 for production and distribution.

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