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Tilt Textiles seeks retailers for SpinTales

Tilt Textiles’ augmented reality (AR) home textiles brand, SpinTales is seeking to establish a network of retailers for its collection of products.

Having already established consumer awareness and launched its first-of-its-kind product via e-commerce over the past six months, the company is now introducing the brand to retailers.

“Our plush line of kid’s home textiles work interactively with an augmented reality app, which recognises specific patters in our fabrics, then brings 3D characters to life on the screen of your tablet or smartphone, right in front of your child’s eyes,” said Qaizar Hassonjee, president of Tilt Textiles.

Using AR, SpinTales combines children’s storybooks into an interactive duvet and play rug.

Retailing at $99.99, the Enchanted Duvet and Jungle Rug boast smart fibers that allow kids to interact with animated characters using an AR platform.

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