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LEGO launches first LEGO Friends set designed by nine year old

LEGO has detailed the global launch of an exclusive building set, designed and developed by the nine-year-old winner of its LEGO Friends Designer Contest.

Sienna is the first child in the world to have her own LEGO set launched worldwide in a new building that will also feature a new mini-doll modelled and named after her.

Declared the winning design out of more than 28,000 submissions to LEGO’s 2016 LEGO Friends Design Contest, Sienna’s design and mini-doll will become part of the popular LEGO Friends universe.

Having won the contest, the nine-year old designer was flown to Denmark to visit the LEGO Headquarters and spend a week with LEGO designers, transforming her idea in to a real LEGO set.

She was guided along the process by LEGO Friends designer Ricardo Silva.

“It was amazing to be part of Sienna’s creative process and see her many ideas come to life in her own LEGO set,” said Silva.

“It was a fun collaboration where we – the experienced LEGO designers – gave input on design processes to Sienna, and she surprised us with new and different ideas and ways of playing.”

The LEGO Group has made a number of LEGO sets through crowdsourcing before via its LEGO Ideas programme which has produced sets such as the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V and more.

This marks the first crowdsourcing project for children.

“We received creative, fun and innovative ideas for new LEGO sets from children all over the world,” said a LEGO representative.

“In the end, Sienna’s idea won because it was so appealing and original and at the same time aesthetically pleasing with many fun design details.”

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