Wilko workers union GMB says ‘talks could reduce redundancies’

GMB, the union for Wilko workers who were earlier this week threatened with severe job loses is in talks to reduce the overall number of cuts.

The union has stated that there will be redundancies made, but it remains very confident that these can be reduced significantly from the thousands initially feared.

The statement was issued following a meeting with the company bosses.

Wilko, which has 400 stores across the UK, has announced a shake-up which could lead to thousands of redundancies. Its pre-tax fell 80 per cent to £5.1 million in the year up to January 28th.

GMB met with Wilko bosses at the company’s headquarters in Worksop on Monday, August 14th.

“This was the first of many discussions we will have with the company during the 60 day consultation. We will be having further, difficult conversations during the process,” said Gary Carter, GMB national officer.

“We have had people on thephone to us in tears – people who have been with the company 20 or 30 years. We all want to see Wilko as thriving, sustainable business with a long-term future.

“It is vital that GMB helps the company keep any job losses to an absolute minimum. We are encouraging Wilko to look at alternative ways to make money, which protect existing job roles.”

GMB will be looking at each store on it individual merit.

“There are going to be redundancies,” continued Carter. “But we are very confident these can be reduced significantly from the thousands initially feared.”

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