New tabletop gaming subscription service to launch via Kickstarter

A new tabletop gaming subscription service is gearing up to hit Kickstarter, devised by gaming industry veteran Cory Jones.

The new QST service (pronounced "quest") will see brand new board games delivered to subscribers on a monthly basis.

Each game will be a collaboration between three creative visionaries from different fields who work together to deliver the different elements of the game: concept, design, and art. 

These high-profile creators include Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, Harley Quinn co-creator Paul Dini, and Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game designers Adam and Brady Sadler, among many others.

The Kickstarter campaign offers backers the opportunity to get the service at a reduced price of $12.99 a month and receive exclusives, including the chance to own a game only ever offered to Kickstarter backers.

“We have a revolutionary new twist to the standard monthly subscription gaming model that that we believe will take game creation to an all-new level,” commented Cory Jones, founder of QST. “Each game is a unique three-part collaboration between three creative visionaries from different disciplines. We are working with many of the biggest names in tabletop, video games, comics, animation, and art with the goal of delivering a brand new, never-before-seen game to consumers’ mailboxes each month.” 

“QST is a unique opportunity for people who love games to get something crafted by some of the most talented people on the planet EVERY MONTH,” added Paul Peterson, game designer and creator of Smash Up. “Getting to work with creators and artist of this caliber is a bucket-list item for any game designer, and I can’t wait to see what we come up with.”

QST is offering those that support the Kickstarter campaign a discounted subscription rate of $12.99 each month, plus shipping. Each backer will be allowed to renew forever at this price, as long as his or her subscription remains in good standing. For consumers who do not contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, the monthly price will be $19.99 (12 months) or $22.99 (six months).

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