Gibsons lends helping hand at RSPCA animal centre

The team at Gibsons is contnuing its support of the RSPCA, after heading down to the Animal Centre in Godstone to support the charity’s work towards preventing cruelty to animals.

During their visit, the team cleaned and painted one of the animal houses and repainted a set of wooden benches. Plus, they also got the chance to meet some of the cats and dogs who are residents at the centre.

“Most of the animals the RSPCA care for have led difficult lives. It was wonderful to see how well they are cared for by the dedicated RSPCA team and given a new lease of life,” read a statement from Gibsons.

“Elton, the black cat, is a perfect example of how the team at the Godstone Animal Centre have managed to coax a very timid little boy, who was found abandoned by some bins, into a bold, happy kitty, who is ready to be rehomed.”

Gibsons has also released a line of six RSPCA puzzles, with the chairity receiving 10 per cent of the wholesale price of each puzzle. Both firms hope to raise at least £7,500 in sales.

Each of the jigsaws are available from £5.99 to £12.99 at various Gibsons stocklists and Amazon. Meanwhile, the pouched puzzles will be launch from September 2017.

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