Argos reveals new DesignaFriend dolls

Argos has named Aaliyah and Meredith, best friends from Canterbury and Herne, as the winners of the DesignaFriend’s Best Friends of the Year 2017 competition.

The two girls entered the competition hosted by DesignaFriend, a range of fashion dolls sold exclusively through the retailer.

As part of the prize for winning, both Aaliyah and Meredith have had dolls created in their likeness, which are now on sale at Argos as part of the DesignaFriend doll line.

“Meredith and Aaliyah have such a fantastic friendship and their tight bond shines through in their wonderful letters,” said Jackie Donnelly, brand manager of DesignaFriend.

“They are a team of two, supporting each other at every step of their lives so far; it was such a wonderful thing for the judges to see. DesignaFriend is thrilled to crown them the UK’s Best Friends of the Year, and we really enjoyed creating their identical dolls to accompany them on their future adventures.”

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