SnapDragon to deliver brand protection seminar at Kind und Jugend

With counterfeit sales accounting for up to 5% of European trade, and toys the third most commonly seized item at European Customs, online brand protection is more important than ever – particularly for the SME with a global footprint.

That’s why Jet Doran of online brand protection specialist is set to host an exclusive seminar at the Kind und Jugend show, giving toy brands all the hints and tips to ensure they are aware of the issue and doing all they can to protect themselves. 

The free event will take place Saturday September 16th, at 2.30pm in the Trend Forum and will feature practical tips including the secrets to successful searching, what to do if you find a counterfeit, and how the Customs Authorities can help.

“Counterfeiters are no longer targeting FMCG and luxury brands, but carefully selecting smaller brands, with wide distribution networks and good PR," explains Doran. "And, as online marketplaces have become key distribution channels, online brand enforcement for the nursery sector has never been so crucial. We must keep our customers safe and protect cherished revenue streams."

Jet and her international team at SnapDragon have extensive experience of online brand protection for many nursery and baby brands around the world, many of whom are exhibiting at K&J and are happy to give recommendations. SnapDragon also works very closely with the major e-commerce, auction and social media platforms to develop appropriate anti-counterfeit strategies for SMEs, in particular.

"Counterfeiting is a worldwide problem and not something just brought out by moving manufacturing operations off-shore," added Doran. "However, forewarned is forearmed and the more information nursery brands have at their fingertips the quicker they can protect their customers, revenue streams and brands.”

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