Board games dominate Kickstarter as the category snares $70m for the platform

Tabletop Gaming has achieved a record-breaking half year on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, securing nearly $70m from successful campaigns.

The sector has once again outpaced video games that failed to top $10m in backed projects for the first half of 2017.

The continued popularity of the board gaming market means that it now makes up 24 per cent of the money raised by successful projects on Kickstarter, propelling it to what Kickstarter analysts believe could be the biggest year for board gaming the platform has seen to date.

One of the biggest successes of the year so far has been Kingdom Death Monster 1.5, a tabletop title that raised an impressive $12.3m during its campaign run.

ICO Partners has revealed that the number of projects failing remains stable, leading to a steady increase in the number of funded projects. 62 per cent of board gaming projects launched in the first half of 2017 have now been funded.

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