3bn Playmobil figures fill out kids’ homes

Over three billion Playmobil figures have made their way into the homes of children across the globe, reports the toy company.

The 7.5cm-tall figures, which are played with around the world, now outnumber the total combined population of Africa, Europe, Oceania, North and South America.

“It’s an exciting year for Playmobil, not only have we reached this milestone it is also the year in which we have released our first entertainment licensed sets,” said Jamie Dickinson from Playmobil.

“We will continue to grow and bring happiness to children all over the world. As a leading manufacturer of toys the name Playmobil goes hand in hand with fun, imagination and playtime all over the world, which is something we are very proud of.”

For the first time in the company’s history, two licenced sets incluidng Ghostbusters and How to Train Your Dragon will hit retailers’ shelves in 2017.

With over 100 million figures produced and distributed every year, the three million mark looks set to grow yearly. 

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