US: Surge in collectables market inspires global toymakers

Leading toy manufacturers are betting big on the continued success of the collectables market, following a five per cent growth of the sector in the US.

According to the NPD group, the collectables sector totals around nine per cent of the total toy sales seen in 2016.

The Toy Association has now pinpointed Collectables 2.0 as one of the top toy trends for 2017, having risen 21 per cent year to date through June.

One of the largest growth areas within the collectables category are blind bags – sales of which have grown 60 per cent in 2016 and since 2013, increased more than six-fold.

Wicked Cool Toys is now looking to buck the trend with the launch of its Little Sprouts, a range inspired by the popular Cabbage patch Kids line and features 120 miniature-sized kids, babies and pets.

Meanwhile, Jupiter Creations is launching its wearable, playable and educational collectable toy line, Bbuddieez, Spin Master introduces its Hatchimals Colleggtibles and MGA Entertainment unveils its Awesome Little Green Men collection of green Army men.

“Collectable toys are extremely popular among kids and toymakers have recognised the opportunity within the category,” said Adrienne Appell, toy trend expert at the Toy Association.

“In addition, collectables help children develop critical life skills, such as social skills when negotiating and trading with friends, organisation skills as they maintain their collections and perseverance as they continue to hunt for rare additions.

“The play value of these toys has also been expanded as companies create entire play-sets around a particular product line leading to hours of fun and enjoyment.”

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