Best of British: Part five

Gibsons Games

Founded: 1919, Best-seller: 221b Baker Street, Sales Stat: 221b Baker Street 2016/17 sales up 227 per cent on 2014/15

For a business so close to celebrating 100 years in puzzles and gaming, Gibsons is far from lethargic within the marketplace.

While sales have been ticking over nicely for the company, it is almost one century on that the family owned firm now finds itself at the epicentre of rejuvenation. Only this March were jigsaws added to the basket of goods used to keep track of inflation, demonstrating that puzzles are now part of the UK’s modern shopping habits; and business at Gibsons couldn’t be better.

In fact, in the midst of its best year to date, business really hasn’t been better than now.

The nation’s reinvigorated love for both games and puzzles has helped the British-born firm – established as far back as 1919 – to some of its most impressive sales figures in a century. 

Sales numbers for Gibsons’ current best-seller – 221b Baker Street, a Sherlock Holmes-inspired family gaming title – have surged by 227 per cent over the last year, placing the company’s new management outfit at the helm of a juggernaut in the games and puzzles market.

From its post WWI effort, the company is now in the hands of a new managing director (MD), Kate Gibson, who – while working with new and emerging artists, designers and illustrators – is steering the company to even greater things, tapping into new licenses including Krispy Kreme, Wall’s Ice Cream, Transport for London and Enid Blyton.

With heritage at its heart and innovation firmly in its eye line, along with a new MD, product developers and sales operations at its helm, Gibsons is now looking forward to seeing the business go from strength to strength.

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