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Sensible Object selected for Amazon Alexa Accelerator, secures $1.4 million in funding

Creators of toys-to-life game project Beasts of Balance, Sensible Object has been selected as one nine companies to participate in the Amazon Alexa Accelerator, powered by Techstars, a new investment program that will see a $1.4 million injection into the firm’ss projects from angel investors (and early-stage venture capital firm London Venture Partners following on).

Sensible Objectare well known for their innovative product Beasts of Balance, a video game/board game hybrid that sees multiple players competing to stack animal playing pieces to create the most impressive in-game tower. 

The first expansion packs for the game were announced on Kickstarter last Tuesday, including Battles competitive mode and new play pieces. The crowdfunding campaign has raised over $175,000, and has 20 days remaining.

“From our first meeting, we’ve been extremely impressed with Alex [Fleetwood, CEO] and the entire Sensible Object team. Their vision to merge physical and digital gaming by harnessing devices already adopted into the connected home is powerful and exciting,” said Aviel Ginzburg, Techstars MD for the Alexa Accelerator, powered by Techstars. “Their execution to date with their first game Beasts of Balance has proven that not only are they the right people to tackle this opportunity, but that they’ve discovered an entirely new and highly engaging genre of social gaming where friends and family play face to face, rather than face to screen.”

In addition to the program’s 13-week schedule of mentorship, training and collaboration, Sensible Object will develop new game concepts that illustrate the potential of voice Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment the play experience. At the completion of the program, a demo day will be held in Seattle on October 17th, where Sensible Object will present prototypes and meet with potential investors.

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