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Mookie appeals for more toys to Grenfell Tower children

Following the devastating effects of the Grenfell Tower fire, Mookie Toys is encouraging the industry to donate toys to the children affected.

Donations including fresh food, toiletries, new clothing and bedding have been distributed to those affected, however there are also many children under the age of 15 who have also been affected in this tragedy.

Stevan Racz, credit controller at Mookie Toys, who tragically lost his uncle in the fire, has been to the site numerous times, witnessing the need for toys among the children.

Charity, Bags of Love are working directly with the children from Grenfell, to get toys to each child to help make their days a little more easier following the fire.

Each child will receive a backpack with age relevant toys, which is all made possible thanks to generous donations.

Jenna Payne, a mother working at the site who met Racz, said: “If my children were in this situation I would hope that you and others would try to help bring them some smiles.”

If any toy companies are willing to donate, Racz is encouraging them to get in touch with him today at stevan.racz@yahoo.co.uk or 07884014546.

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