Spin Master celebrates Etch A Sketch Day with two new models

Spin Master is gearing up to celebrate Etch A Sketch Day as the classic toy marks 57 years on July 12th, 2017.

After acquiring Etch A Sketch in 2016, Spin Master is marking the milestone by capturing shakes globally and encouraging fans to upload a video and #ShakeYourEtch.

“We’re proud to celebrate Etch A Sketch Day on July 12th as this classic brand has been a household name for more than 50 years and continues to inspire imagination,” said Ben Gasbois, global president and COO at Spin Master.

“Etch A Sketch is a cross-generational, timeless toy that is very relevant today even without connectivity. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering your drawing, and we continue to encourage creativity and artistic expression through our new launches.”

Spin Master has also released two new models with the Etch A Sketch Fresstyle that comes with Boogie Board technology, as well as a stylus and double-sided stampers.

Secondly, the Etch A Sketch Joystick mimics the original but with the easy-to-use joystick that swivels 360-degrees.

Arlene Brian, VP of marketing activities at Spin Master, added: “With the launch of the Etch A Sketch Freestyle and Etch A Sketch Joystick we’ve maintained the beloved shake-to-erase feature while adding newness and innovation.

“We continue to stay true to this iconic Etch A Sketch Classic by encouraging fine motor skills and hand eye coordination through drawing loops, lines, circles and entirely unique designs.”

In addition, the firm has also released a free app, Etch A Sketch IT, which is available to download now. 

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