Will Amazon’s Prime Day really be bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Amazon’s Prime Day is set to create a huge July sales bubble, with the potential to top $3.5 billion this summer.

The online retail giant’s third annual one-day flash event is scheduled to launch on July 11th, offering consumers deals on thousands of products over a 30 hour period.

And, if the event continues its growth of $1 billion each year, experts suggest that Amazon’s sale event could beat the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

David Jinks, ParcelHero’s head of consumer research, said: “Prime Day has the potential to easily overtake Black Friday and Cyber Monday to become the biggest shopping day in the West.

“It grew from $1.5bn in 2015 to $2.5bn in 2016. At that rate, it will top $3.5bn this year and that’s bigger than Black Friday ($3.34bn in 2016) and Cyber Monday ($3.45bn in 2016).”

Last year, eBay was swift to get in on the act, promoting bargain prices over several days, while Macey’s site had 41 per cent more visits on Prime Day last year and Walmart’s was up over 20 per cent.

“There’s little doubt that shoppers have swiftly acquired the taste for a summer shopping extravaganza, and when they can’t find what they want on Amazon, they are happy to go on the hunt elsewhere on the web.”

While the rise in sale events such as Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday hints towards a shift in consumer mind-set, each will still have to go some way to beat the $17.8 billion Singles Day achieves on November 11, largely in China.

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