TOMY and PlayFusion take Lightseekers to Toys R Us stores

TOMY and PlayFusion’s Lightseekers toy line is making its way exclusively to Toys R Us stores.

The new smart action figures, trading cards, accessories and more will be available in the toy retailer nationwide.

Gamers will also be able to scan interactive signage and Lightseekers packaging in Toys R Us stores for 3D AR effects.

"It has been an incredible journey with our partners at TOMY and Toys R Us as we all worked tirelessly to make Lightseekers a reality," said Mark Gerhard, CEO and co-founder of PlayFusion.

"Having the Lightseekers product available now at Toys R Us stores is the culmination of two and half years of hard work, but it’s just the beginning. We have many more innovations coming over the next few months to Lightseekers, so get ready for the future of connected play."

Lightseekers is now available to download for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.

Peter Henseler, president of TOMY International, added: "All of us at TOMY and PlayFusion have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and we are thrilled to have Toys R Us bring this truly innovative line into its stores.

“From a very successful Kickstarter campaign to garnering rave early reviews to a successful BETA test that built an actively engaged community, the Lightseekers momentum has led us to this day that we have all been eagerly anticipating for several years now.

“We’re looking forward to giving Toys R Us customers the chance to experience the innovation behind the game play and see for themselves what sets Lightseekers apart."

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