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Tobar’s David Mordecai talks fidget spinners and booming toy licenses

Sensory toys are proving to be a stellar performer at Tobar, thanks to the recent introduction of fidget toys on the market.

Spanning Spinners, Cubes and more, fidget toys are a force to be reckoned with this year, with multiple retailers choosing to stock up on the latest craze, which Tobar’s CEO, David Mordecai, believes is here to stay.

“I can certainly see why they’re popular. Anything that has a sensory feel to it is massively popular at the moment. I think the craze is going to continue, though perhaps it’s not going to be as hot as it was in April and May,” Mordecai told ToyNews.

“I suspect they will still be popular for the rest of this year and anything of that ilk, that touchy-feely product, is very well-received at the moment.”

With a toy portfolio spanning games and puzzles, plush, pocket money, wooden and more, Tobar has enjoyed another profitable year, thanks to its pocket money items selling fast.

Meanwhile, its licensed offering including the I’m A Celebrity brand has been performing well since the show’s return to TV screens last year.

Mordecai added: “We’ve had a fabulous reaction to it across the breadth of our customers, from the smaller independents up to some of the national accounts.

“It’s a fun license and product and great TV show, with people really seeing the connection. So overall, the reception has been exceedingly positive.”

And it seems the firm is confident that the success will continue, despite an uncertain start to 2017 following the UK’s departure from the EU.

“I was a bit sceptical as we went into 2017 with all the pricing issues and pressures that were on us due to the exchange rate devaluation following the EU referendum,” continued Mordecai.

“Actually, trade has been very good this year and customers have accepted that there have inevitably been some pricing increases. As a result, trade has been very good across the board, across region, national accounts and across export as well.”

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