Jumbo Games reveals kids’ drawing aid, Dessineo

Jumbo Games is helping to teach children how to draw with the launch of the Dessineo ‘Learn to Draw’ educational learning aid.

Dessineo teaches children the basic of drawing in four steps, including basic outline, adding elements to the basic outline, adding detail and finally completing the picture on the stencil.

Plus, three levels of drawing are also included for children to choose from, to help users grow in confidence to draw more shapes and pictures.

“We are really excited to have launched our brand new educational focused toy and bring something new and innovative to the market,” said Stewart Middleton, MD at Jumbo Games.

“Dessineo is a really great way to make artistic learning fun for young children and we feel it will be a big hit with budding young artists and parents in the UK.”

10 sheets of A4 drawing paper that are already pre-printed with various backgrounds are also included.

For example, an underwater theme for the fish template, an outer space theme for the rocket ship and a festively decorative background for the Father Christmas template are all available for kids to use.

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