Gender Creative Kids Canada launches transgender doll Kickstarter campaign

Gender Creative Kids Canada is hoping to educate people around the world about idenitiy issues, with the help of its new Kickstarter campaign for a transgender toy.

Known as Sam, the firm developed the toy concept to provide kids who are struggling with gender identity something to relate to.

According to the firm’s Kickstarter page, anywhere between two to six per cent of boys and five to 12 per cent of girls identify or express their gender differently from their sex binary gender assigned at birth.

Sam acts as a toy by taking on a Russian doll concept, starting from birth where Sam starts life unaware of what gender is.

Sam then goes through different stages, such as exploring and questioning, to the end result where Sam is accepted and supported in the expression of his true identity.

The non-profit organisation is hopeful that fans will donate to the Kickstarter campaign so the company can produce more toys of a similar nature. 

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