Gibsons teams with Krispy Kreme for new puzzle

A new Krispy Kreme jigsaw puzzle is on the way, thanks to a new deal with the doughnut firm and Gibsons.

The circular jigsaw puzzle comes packaged in the famous Krispy Kreme tuck box and features 500 pieces.

“This jigsaw is an extra-special addition to the Gibsons range. It’s been almost five years since we last manufactured a circular jigsaw and a lot has changed since then,” said Emily Charles, product development manager at Gibsons.

“This new jigsaw cutter has allowed us to include some weird and wonderful shaped pieces, which makes piecing together the Krispy Kreme puzzle even more enjoyable. What’s more, the authentic tuck box creates fantastic on-shelf presence that really draws people in.”

Suk Nicholas, sales director at Krispy Kreme, added: “The puzzle box is inspired by our popular tray of a dozen doughnuts. It’s been fun working with Gibsons to create it and we hope Krispy Kreme fans will enjoy it.”

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