Playmobil heads to 3foot People Festival

This summer sees the return of the 3foot People Festival, where kids get to enjoy music, arts and crafts, theatre and play.

Taking place from June 27th to 29th, once again Playmobil and Fundamentally Children will be in attendance.

During the event, Playmobil will bring a range of products to help unleash young children’s creative spirit.

Meanwhile, Fundamentally Children will continue to help develop children’s skills through play.

“We are delighted to be back at the 3foot People Festival again for what I’m sure will be another fantastic year,” said Jamie Dickinson, marketing manager from Playmobil.

"What we enjoy about the festival is that we get to see children play freely and really get lost in their imaginations. The environment created at the event encourages this free play to take place, which is something very close to the heart of all of us at Playmobil.”

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