As Harry Potter turns 20, Coiledspring details new 3D puzzle line

Harry Potter has turned 20 and Coiledspring Games is celebrating with the launch of The Burrow, Weasley Family Home Model.

An extension of its partnership with Wrebbit 3D, The Burrow is already tapped to be a fan-favourite when it launches hits stores this September.

2017 has been a year of growth in distribution of the Harry Potter Hogwarts models, with the range finding new homes in Harrods Toy Kingdom, Waterstones and more.

Roger Martin, owner of Coiledspring Games, said: “When we launched the Harry Potter range last year, we were met with scepticism about whether the appetite and interest was still there.

“However, the doubters have been proved wrong with the success that the range has had across the market. The enduring appeal of the Wizarding World of JK rowling is a testament to the astonishing characters, places and stories which she created.

“Our 3D Hogwarts Express and Diagon Alley are instantly recognisable and iconic. We have been thrilled by the support of our many existing and new retail partners and how the fans have embraced the Hogwarts range.”

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