LEGO Ninjago Movie sets revealed

LEGO has unveiled a slate of new sets gearing up for release alongside the LEGO Ninjago Movie which will be hitting cinemas on September 23rd.

The Ninjago franchise is aimed squarely at boys, mixing themes of ninja and samurai fiction with mechs and science fiction.

The first set is The Destiny’s Bounty ship. This elaborate vehicle will retail in the US for around $159.99 and includes 2,295 pieces.

The next set gives fans a first glimpse at the anime-inspired mecha action with the Green Ninja Mech Dragon, which is piloted by the character Lloyd. The set retails at $49.99 and includes 544 pieces. 

The third set is titled Flying Jelly Sub, which is piloted by the evil Takuma. In the film, Jay, the blue ninja of lightning, battles against Takuma and his shark army. The set retails at $29.99 and includes 341 pieces.

The Garma Mecha Man set introduced fans to Ninjago’s villain, Lord Garmadon. The set retails at $59.99 and includes 747 pieces. 

The Ice Tank set follows the vehicular theme. Piloted by Zane, the white ninja of ice, who is tasked with saving civilians Patty Keys and Torben from shark soldiers. The set retails at $79.99 and includes 914 pieces.

Finally, the biggest set in this new series is the Ninjago City set, a large-scale set which includes three separate modular levels and a host of minifigures including all of the film’s main characters. The set will go on sale at $299.99 and includes a whopping of 4,867 pieces. 

These sets are due to hit store shelves in August.

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