MEL Science rolls out VR chemistry lessons

MEL Science is launching its first virtual reality (VR) chemistry lessons, in the form of the MEL Chemistry VR app.

The app comes with a MEL Chemistry VR app and is now available for Google Daydream for fans to enjoy.

Using the app, students will get the chance to build an atom of any known element with their own hands.

“VR can be used to simulate a real lab, so instead of using real chemicals, test tubes and burners, you use virtual ones. However, this is not where VR can bring the most value to science education. Real hands-on experiments are more engaging for kids. Nothing can replace the feeling of doing something yourself. You see science. You touch science. You smell science,” said Vassili Philippov, CEO of MEL Science. “

"Where VR is irreplaceable is in showing kids invisible science, such as placing them inside a chemical reaction, where molecules fly all around them and they see how those molecules interact with each other. We can let kids play with atomic orbitals and encourage them to touch the orbitals, build their own atoms and molecules, and see what happens.”

Following its launch, the firm hopes to release over 150 lessons covering all the main topics included in schools’ chemistry curriculum.

Plus, support for other platforms including Google Cardboard and Samsung GearVR is also planned for later this year. 

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