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Fundels and Games

In an age where children are ever glued to their phones and tablets, endlessly tapping away at touch screens, it’s no surprise that an analogue game based around creativity has launched to massively positive responses from parents and kids alike. Cartamundi, an industry leader in card games and playing cards has launched a new product line with the aim of igniting the creative spark within youngsters.

“Fundels is a range that creates a fun learning environment for children, parents and teachers to enjoy together,” explains Hayley McAuley, UK sales and marketing manager at Cartamundi.

The creativity of the product lends it a cross-generational appeal, a quality that Cartamundi hopes to bring to its other properties. In addition to the drawing rangeFundels have products that help children develop their knowledge of shapes, maths and writing. The educational aspects to Fundels are just subtle enough that it doesn’t interfere with kid’s enjoyment of the game, as McAuley explains. 

"Reseach has shown that our brains are 68 per cent more active while having fun. At an early age, children return home after a day of school with homework. We don’t want to add pressure by extending their do-to list. Fundels puts children to work in a playful way and without them even noticing.” 

School visits across Europe lent Cartamundi an insight into the way children and educators respond to the games, proving a hit at after school games clubs. Through this game testing process, Cartamundi analysed the results and introduced tweaks to the product, aligning it with the national curriculum. 

“Developing a new game requires the craftsmanship of game developers with a passion and specialty in educational games,” says McAuley of the process of developing Fundels. “The schools and the children play a vital role.” 

Continuing with the theme of education, the firm plans to continue supporting the Fundels brand with an on-going stream of new creative products that build upon this solid foundation.

“Playing cards makes people socially and emotionally wiser, it connects people with each other and invites them to learn from one another,” Van Herck adds, in reference to the firm’s roots. 

“Fundels is the educational answer to that. The range introduces various themes to children. The current subjects include mathematics, language and conceptual thinking.”

With a strong concept and focused execution, it’s easy to see why the firm is confident in this fledgling brand.

“Fundels brings children closer together with peers, teachers, parents and friends. Not only will they learn specific subjects, they will be faced with new emotions and experience different social situations,” enthuses McAuley. “They can learn how to deal with these emotions and how to connect with others."

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