New Transformers: The Last Knight toys hint at movie plot

Hasbro has revealed a new slate of toys for upcoming movie Transformers: The Last Knight that give fans some hints towards the plot of the film.

The first figure, revealed by Entertainment Weekly, was Cogman a new character who is an assistant to the new Anthony Hopkins played-character. Cogman will transform out of a classy Aston Martin sports car.

Next was Hot Rod, a character that had previously appeared in the animated Transformers movies back in the ’90s. The vehicle mode for this toy is a Lamborghini Centenario.

Fans also got a sneak peek at the new design of Megatron, who takes on a Medevil theme this time around. Finally, meet the latest, most clumsily named robot in the Transformers-verse, Skullitron. This mean-looking robot is sure to be one of the stand-out villains in the film.

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