Rory’s Story Cubes acquired by Asmodee

Asmodee, represented by Esdevium in the UK market, has announced its acquisition of Rory’s Story Cubes from The Creativity Hub. Asmodee already distributes the product in several countries and has now increased its stake with worldwide publishing and brand rights.

Other distrubution deals remain in place until their terms are over, as manufacturing, distribution and product development is transferred to Asmodee.

“We have already been supplying Rory’s Story Cubes to the UK market since the start of this year and are delighted with the recent development. The acquisition will allow us to work even more closely on this terrific property,” commented Steve Buckmaster, MD of Esdevium.

Stéphane Carville, chairman and CEO of the Asmodee Group, added: "I am thrilled to welcome Rory’s Story Cubes to the Asmodee catalog. This is an innovative game that has a natural home in the Asmodee range alongside our flagship titles. This operation is part of our strategy to acquire intellectual properties with strong narrative power."

The Creativity Hub will continue to work on new projects, with the group’s latest endeavour Untold gathering funding on Kickstarter.

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