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Zuru files lawsuit against Telebrands

Zuru has filed a new lawsuit against US telemarketing firm, Telebrands to protect its Bunch O Balloons product.

The complaint focused on patent infringement, and has asked The United States District Court for The Eastern District Of Texas to issue an order restraining Telebrands from sales of the product.

The litigation is brought on the basis that the product infringes at least four of the US patents that protect the Bunch O Balloons item.

In addition, US retailer Bed Bath and Beyond who stocked the Easy Einstein balloons, has also been included in the lawsuit.

“Zuru works diligently to monitor quality and bring innovation to market. When a knock-off company like Telebrands constantly tries to undercut inventors and bring to market lesser quality goods clearly in breach of IP, we will fight vigorously,” said Anna Mowbray, COO of Zuru.

“I am confident we will continue to prevail with the US legal system.” 

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