Ominoes 2nd edition heads to Esdevium

Following the success of the first edition of Yay Games’ dice smash Ominoes, a second edition of the hit game is on the way.

Distributed by Esdevium Games, Ominoes has gone on to prove a huge success with fans and has been nominated in three categories for the Imagination Gaming Awards.

“I think the simplicity helps. You’re trying to get groups of four or more of your chosen colour together to score points. You roll an Ominoe dice, then move one that matches it three spaces in any direction and then place the rolled one anywhere on the board,” said Ominoes designer, Andrew Harman.

“You could be moving your own pieces or screwing your opponents up. Things get very tense and silly in just a few turns.”

The name for Ominoes comes from the Ominus Valley in Egypt where, in 1864 Harman’s explorer ancestor found a few carved 6,000 year old stone cubes.

Harman added: “I was certain they were from a game, but there were no clues to how to play.

“We’ll never know if this game is right, but it is fun.”

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