Langleys Toys to hold Autism Quiet Hour

Independent toy shop, Langleys Toys, is set to host its own Autism Quiet Hour this week.

Taking place on Tuesday 25th April from 5.30 to 6.30pm, the store will offer a quiet atmosphere compared to usual opening hours and dimmed lights, as well as a personal service.

Following huge positive response, Langleys has decided to ticket the event. These tickets are free for families, however, there will be a limited amount available for each shopping hour in order to ensure everyone has the best quiet shopping experience.

The retailer wrote on Facebook: “Thank you everyone for commenting and sharing, we are thrilled you are so enthusiastic about this event.

“We are feeling bowled over by the response and to try and make sure it really is a quiet shopping hour and enjoyed by all, we have had no choice other than to make the decision to ticket the event.”

Families are encouraged to contact info@langleystoys to request their tickets.

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