Hatchimals class action lawsuit withdrawn

Spin Master has announced that the class action lawsuit against its hit toy Hatchimals has been voluntarily withdrawn by plaintiff Jodie Hejduk.

The Hatchimals toy, which launched October 7th, 2016 to critical acclaim, is comprised of a plush robotic creature inside an egg shell. Children nurture the shell and through touch, help the Hatchimals hatch by activating the patented technology. Due to overwhelming demand as gifts, retailers sold out of Hatchimals just prior to the 2016 Christmas holidays.

There was an unanticipated flood of calls to Spin Master’s customer care department causing a backlog of unanswered customer inquiries and some consumer frustration. However, Spin Master quickly recognized the issue and doubled its customer care team, extended customer services hours and added troubleshooting tips and how-to-videos to its product website to assist customers in hatching the toy. The class action suit, which has just been withdrawn, arose out of that consumer frustration. Spin Master’s subsequent efforts to deal with the backlog of customer inquiries have garnered universal praise from its customers.

"Spin Master’s proactive response was very successful and, to date, they have either responded to all of the outstanding questions or provided replacements, or refunds to consumers," Mark Geragos, the lawyer who voluntarily withdrew the law suit on behalf of the plaintiff added.

"We applaud Spin Master for the highly effective manner in which they have dealt with their customers. Given these factors, we have decided to voluntarily withdraw our class action."

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