Theresa May calls snap General Election on June 8

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her intentions for a snap General Election this June 8.

Among the reasons May has set out behind the call are questions over support for Britain’s exit from the European Union.

In a statement reported by the BBC, May has declared that a general election in is the national interest as she measures the support of the nation for Brexit, citing that an election is the only way to guarantee certainty and stability in the wake of Brexit.

May has said that ‘recently and reluctantly that the only way to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead is to call the election.”

Many close to the on going Brexit discussion have declared that this is the only way for voters to have their say over the future of Britain’s involvement in the European Union.

May’s planned election must now gain the support of the majority in the House of Commons before it goes ahead this June 8.

Downing Street has always denied a vote would be held before the next scheduled election in 2020.

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