PETA blasts Harrods for selling toy made from rabbit fur

Animal rights organisation PETA has criticised Harrods for selling a cuddly toy made from real rabbit fur.

Priced at £1,400, the sleeping dog has been manufactured by French firm Caresse d’Orylag.

Described as ‘incredibly soft to the touch’ on the department store’s website, the toy has been made from onal grey Orylag fur, a breed of rabbit specifically raised for its fur and meat.

PETA has since slammed the retailer, stating: “It’s abominable to give young children, who naturally view animals as their brothers, sisters, and friends, the skin of a tormented animal to play with,” reports The Daily Mail.

“Most children’s hearts would break if they knew that those "toys" began as real animals with real feelings who were kept inside tiny wire cages on fur factory farms and denied fresh air, sunlight, and everything else that is natural and important to them – all before being slaughtered via electrocution.”

It is unlikely whether children will be informed of how their new treasured toy was created from a rabbit designed to be slaughtered.

It also seems particularly heinous considering the pricetag of the sleeping dog compared to the price of a rabbit in a pet shop. 

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