Mega Construx to unveil ‘Unity’ monument at Ottawa Children’s Festival

Mega Construx has announced it will be unveiling a one-of-a-kind monument to diversity at the Ottawa Children’s Festival in Canada.

Mega Construx has invited children from across Canada to come together and join them in constructing a giant monument that celebrates diversity, unity and acceptance. The large-scale monument, built out of Mega Construx bricks, will be an interactive experience and allow children an opportunity to work together and showcase their vision of a better world. 

“We set out to create a platform for those we call Beyonders, children who have big imaginations and help us see beyond our differences, challenge the norm and invent the unexpected,” said Alicia Sumar, marketing, MEGA Brands, Canada.

“This initiative was designed with the goal of empowering children across Canada to build, and share their vision of the future.”

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