Oddbods toy range heads to Phillippines with Ban Kee Trading

Ban Kee Trading has secured a new partnership with One Animation to distribute a range of Oddbods toys across the Pillippines.

The animated kids’ show currently airs in over 100 countries worldwide, including on Disney in the Phillippines, while boasting a vast online following.

Ban Kee is one of the Phillippines’ leading toy distributors, looking to work with strong entertainment brands that can be transitioned into high quality toys.

Eric Bautista, owner of Ban Kee Trading, said: “The Oddbods concept lends itself particularly well to toys because the characters are so liekable and easy to relate to.

“Kids are automatically attracted to their favourite Oddbod, whether it’s greedy Zee with his tendency to fall asleep all the time, or mischievous Pogo with his love of pranking people with practical jokes.

“The fact that the property’s humour appeals to a broad audience and not just to young kids makes this brand even more appealing.”

A summer 2017 launch is anticipated for the Oddbods toy range in the Phillippines, mirroring similar roll-outs in other regions of the world. Sales figures across Europe have been strong since launch, with particular demand for Oddbods figurines.

Sashim Parmanand, CEO of One Animation, added: “Fans of the show really come from all age groups because, although Oddbods is ostensibly a kids’ show, the type of physical comedy used and the storylines which enable viewers to laugh at the oddities of being human are, of course, universally appealing.

“Plus this forms really rich material to explore in mediums other than animation, making it a great brand to engage with across different platforms and product lines.

“We couldn’t ask to work with a better partner in the Phillippines and we are really looking forward to seeing what happens for the brand in this market.”

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