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SolarActive Europe brings colour changing tech to UK

SolarActive Europe is set to launch a UV colour changing technology throughout the UK and Europe for the licensing, toys, apparel and accessories sectors.

The firm has worked on the UV chemical process for more than 25 years to produce its non-toxic technology that can be used across multiple colour-ways and products ranging from textiles and thread, through to plastics and print.

Following the launch, SolarActive Europe will also work with brands and manufacturers to help negate fake goods by using colour change counterfeit thread and print.

“We are delighted to be bringing the most ever stable UV colour change technology to Europe. Our intention is to bring credibility and engagement to the European market across multiple product categories that will benefit brands and give merchandise a fresh creative edge,” said Barbara Rooney of SolarActive Europe.

“The time has come at last for stabilised and fun colour-change toys, accessories and clothing; but we also want to push boundaries and help combat counterfeit goods and services which can now be controlled by the introduction of simple UV colour change processes.”

Throughout April and May the firm will head to UK businesses across the UK, demonstrating the new tech.

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