Crayola retires Dandelion crayon for National Crayon Day

As Crayola celebrates National Crayon Day, the company has revealed that its Dandelion colour is retiring.

Crayola is sending the Dandelion colour character on a retirement tour around the county, which is being replaced by a new shade of blue.

“As we celebrate National Crayon Day and Dandelion, we are also extremely excited to share what colour comes next,” said Melanie Boulden, SVP of US and global marketing at Crayola.

"Not only are we introducing a new blue to the world to take Dandelion’s place, but we will invite our fans to be a part of Crayola history by naming it."

During Crayola’s day of celebration in Times Square, New York, a 25-foot tall crayon box and giant colouring mural was erected to mark the occasion.

Plus, Erik Wahl, an internationally recognised graffiti artist, helped the firm celebrate by creating an inspiring Art of Vision artwork.

Smith Holland, president and CEO of Crayola, added: "The essence of the Crayola brand is colour, creativity and fun and our mission is to spark the creative spirit in children.

"With Dandelion retiring, we are very excited to celebrate this day and to share these unique creative experiences with our fans."

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