AR toys-to-life collectables line nears Kickstarter goal of £25k

A ‘revolutionary new children’s toy’ that blends physical play with video gaming and augmented reality is nearing its goal of £25,000 on Kickstarter.

Called SwapBots, the concept aims to deliver a new take on the toys-to-life genre by using augmented reality to create a video game world in the play room.

“SwapBots is another original take on the ever-shifting digital-physical toy space,” said Phil Charnock of SwapBots.

A line of collectable toys to life robots, SwapBots can be brought to life via a phone or tablet.

Each SwapBot comprises of three components, each with their own powers. The pieces can be swapped to unlock customised robots that can then be played on a smart device in the SwapBots video game.

‘SwapBots were created by mums and dads who wanted to unlock the magical world of augmented reality for their children, while still encouraging physical play and without breaking the bank,’ read a statement from the creators.

‘Now it’s time for us to share our toy with families across the world.’

SwapBots is currently working with gaming and AR experts from across the globe to develop the video game and story of SwapBots.

Check out the project here

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