US: Jay@Play expands FlipaZoo line with mini collectables

Jay@Play is bolstering its FlipaZoo plush collection, with the addition of the new FlipaZoo Minis line.

The new collectables flip to reveal a secret FlipaZoo character, and are now part of a FlipaZoo of 101 different styles to flip for.

Fans can collect the minis with five different levels of rarity, including common, rare, extremely rare, special edition and limited edition, boasting various finishes such as gold, rainbow and sparkle.

“Plush FlipaZoos have been such a huge hit with children. They love flipping them and watching the transformation from one fun character to the next,” said Alan Sutton, director of sales at Jay@Play.

“We wanted to introduce a small, collectable version of their favorite toy to share, trade, and collect. Now they can have the best of both worlds, and with 101 unique mini characters to find, the FlipaZoo frenzy has only just begun.”

The new collection will be available from Walmart in the US this Easter, with prices ranging from $1.98 to $9.98.

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