‘Dangerous’ teddy bears spark urgent warning

The news that a toddler was found with electrical wiring from a plush bear around her neck, has lead to a warning about the dangers of some toys bought online.

A mother from Moray who purchased two light-up teddy bears from Wish.com, found that her daughter in her cot had managed to open the zip on the bear, and expose its wiring.

Following the discovery, she has appealed to other parents, asking them to be extremely careful when buying toys over the internet.

Trading Standards also revealed that the toys were among the worst examples of unsafe toys they had come across.

Moray Council’s trading standards manager, Peter Adamson, said: “Protecting children from dangerous toys is one of our highest priorities and it was shocking when these teddy bears were brought to our notice.

“It would appear that because the toys were bought direct online, they had evaded all of the normal checks that would normally take place when goods are imported into the EU and the UK.

“Fortunately, in this instance no harm came to the child but we need to warn potential purchasers of the risks they take when buying toys for young children from suppliers who cut corners."

Image source: Moray Council

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