IDW Games unveils tabletop line up based on classic Atari videogames

Interactive entertainment publisher, Atari has teamed with IDW Games to launch a new line up of tabletop games based on classic Atari videogame titles.

Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command have all been given the board game treatment in a new collection from Jon Gilmour, the co-designer of the popular Dead of Winter title.

The trio of titles will aim to capture the feel of the classic Atari videogames, drawing on the nostalgic element.

“Atari is one of the hallmarks of our generation,” said Jerry Bennington, VP of new product development.

“We are honoured with the opportunity to be able to bring the Atari classic archive to the tabletop.”

Fred Chesnais, chief executive officer, Atari, added: “IDW Games has a fantastic history of bringing licensed products to market and we are thrilled to work out a partnership and see our classic games on the tabletop.”

The Atari series of games will launch with Centipede in Autumn this year with future titles released shortly after.

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